Presidents Message


President’s Vision
As an undergraduate physics major at Cal State LA some thirty plus years ago, the Council provided me with an income, mentorship, motivation, direction, summer jobs, role models, and countless other tangibles and intangibles too numerous to list. Thus it is with great anticipation that we face the next fifty years of existence of the Los Angeles Council of Black Professional Engineers (LACBPE).

The mission of the LACBPE; “shall be to endeavor to enhance the educational employment and business opportunities of minority (Black) individuals.” Over the last six years that I have served as your president, one of my focuses was addressing the sustainability of our organization into the distant future. The desired outcome was to transition to a NEW generation of leaders that are ready, willing and able. We have found?’ that present and future generation of leaders in our midst.


To lead is to be a trailblazer. The 50 Phenomenal Black Women and Rising Star Engineers we are honoring tonight are all trailblazers in their technical professions, and are up to the task of moving the Council forward. Their academic and work experiences affirms that these 50 Phenomenal Black Women and Rising Star Engineers are able. They are Capable of moving and growing the Council in a Sustainable fashion, thus assuring that the organization will continue to be viable for the next fifty years.

My work in the community is focused on the mathematics education of Black students in the Los Angeles Unified School District. It will take organizations committed to Math, Science and Engineering education to achieve that goal. The future looks bright with the next generation(s) of the able cadres of the Los Angeles Council’s 50 Phenomenal Black Women and Rising Star Engineers at the helm.

Dr. Batie with Cynthia Guidry at the STEM Lab