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Release Claims for Excell Program Virtual Participation


In consideration of the participation of my child (children) in the Excell Program online, I hereby completely release and hold harmless and forever discharge the Los Angeles Council of Black Professional Engineers (LACBPE) and each and every officer, agent, volunteer, representative and employee of that organization, from liability or responsibility for any kind of claims, damages, injuries, losses or cause of any action that may results from or arise out of our participation in the Excell Program activities.

I understand and acknowledge that LACBPE expects to use photographs and video recordings of activities involving students, parents volunteers of its purposes including review of weekly class activities. I understand and agree that this release shall be binding as against my heirs and assignees.

Discription of Activity: Online classroom assistance, tutoring and/or exposure to Math and Science subjects.


Excell Virtual Session Policies and Procedures



This section summarizes the policies and key procedures required of all participants in the Excell Program (Excell) including students, parents, and volunteers.


Normal registration occurs on the first day of each session. However, for various reasons, many students come to the program in later weeks. Excell welcomes all new students as long as adequate resources are available to help them as well as the students previously enrolled. However, Excell volunteers cannot commit to taking special care, or spending significant extra time to bring late enrollees up to the level of the respective classes.

Registration Fees

The normal fee for each student is indicated on the current Application Form. Discounts are available for siblings of any student enrolled at the normal fee. Excell does not prorate program fees for late enrollees.

System Requirements for Zoom Classes

Generally, students and other participants will need either:

  • A computer connected to the internet with speakers, microphone, and preferably, a webcam. Supported operating systems include:
    • Windows 8 or later (Windows 10 S Mode is not supported).
    • Apple Mac 10.9 or later.
    • Linux 6.4 or higher


  • A mobile device connected to the internet. Supported operating systems include:
    • iOS 8.0 or later:
      • Send and receive video using front or rear camera
      • iPhone 4 or later, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad 2 or later, iPad touch 4th Generation, iPhone 3GS (no front facing camera)
    • iPadOS 13 or later.
    • Android 5.0x or later.

Class Size

Classroom sizes are limited by the number of committed volunteers and the number of facilities made available. In the worst case, students wishing to enroll may be turned away. Those students will be given priority status for the next session, as determined by the program administrators.

Proper Classes for Students

A key purpose of the program is to help students improve performances in their current math and science studies. Therefore, all students are expected to enroll initially in the same classes taken at their regular schools. Later adjustments may be made as needed and as mutually agreed by the student, parent and volunteer teachers.

Instructional Materials

Excell may provide workbooks, access to online sources or other materials for students inmost classes. However, in classes where workbooks are provided, only one per student will be given each school year.

Roles and Responsibilities of Students

Excell intends to treat all students with respect and dignity. In return, students must demonstrate respect for themselves and all others, follow the established rules and take responsibility for their actions. Excell expects parents or guardians (parents) to provide guidance to assure students come tot he program dressed inacceptable casual clothing.


Discipline will be maintained in the virtual classrooms at all times. It is vital that students commit to and cooperate with the procedures of the program and the directors of the volunteers. Profanity is unacceptable in the classrooms. All cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned off during classes. Parents are asked to stress the need for students to cooperate, avoid classroom disruptions, and generally behave responsibility.

Classroom Disruptions and Hinderances

Willful behavior by any student to disrupt, hinder or avoid class activities is unacceptable.

Reporting to Parents or Guardians

Volunteer teachers may contact parents of students about class activities, student progress assignments, or special attention needs. Any significance conflict between a student and a volunteer will be reported to the parent by an Excell Administrator. Depending upon the seriousness, an administrator also may contact the parent regarding classroom disruptions and discipline issues. If unacceptable behavior by that student continues, the parent will be asked to remove that student from the program.

Roles and Responsibilities of Volunteers

Each classroom will be staffed by one or more volunteers; ideally three volunteers will be assigned to work as a team. Volunteers are responsible for organizing classroom activities and conducting those activities systematically, orderly, and in accordance with these policies and procedures. As role models, all Volunteers are asked to maintain consistent standards of behavior and show respect for all students, parents and other volunteers. Volunteers should avoid any behavior or language that could be interpreted as disrespectful, abusive or inflammatory.

Profanity is unacceptable in the classrooms. Excell reserves the right to make reasonable and confidential background checks of volunteers including checks against available lists of registered abuse offenders.

Reporting Abuse or Neglect

Several Excell volunteers, including the Administrative Team, will be designated to handle abuse reporting and given information and/or training in what constitutes abuse and confidentiality. All volunteers are asked to notify at least one of the designated volunteers will report any known or suspected and plausible, incidents of illegal abuse to the proper authorities.


All students are expected to report to each scheduled class at the appropriate time. At the discretion of the volunteer teachers, late students may be excluded from the class.


Normally, Excell acknowledges program participation by students and volunteers at the last day Closing Assembly. However formal acknowledgements will only be given to those who qualify based on class attendance throughout the session as monitored by the volunteer teachers and administrators.


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